Medical Benefits

Orange blossom extract is one of the most commonly used remedies for nerve weakness, sadness and depression. This herbal extract is also useful for strengthening the stomach and solves insomnia problems. However, note that excessive intake of this herbal water is harmful for the liver and will cause a temprement. This herb is appetizing and it is very helpful for relieving chest and palpitation.


Skincare Usages

Other benefits of this herbal hydrosol is to reduce sunbrush, redness and burning skin, reducing skin wrinkles and preventing cracking on the skin and treating stomach pain and indigestion.


How to use?

You can mix orange blossom with water and ice cube and drink it during hot summer day as a cold and soft drink or drink it without any additional and enjoy its awesome benefits. Also, you can brew it with Rabee Saffron and enjoy the moments.