Rosewater is gained from Rose flower. For the first time in ancient Iran, rosewater gained from distillation of rose flower. Iranians are those who recognized dietary and medicinal features of roses from the ancient times. It is beautiful color and scent is soothing to hearts and its rubicund petals adorn our and world’s people colorful tablecloths.
In Kashan, it has been many years that rose rosewater was and is a matter of favor to people and farmers, and no flower has been admired as much as rose flower. Nowadays rose flower has a great effect on creating productive employment and production to supply on local markets.


Rosewater with warm and temperate nature, in addition to dietary use has various medicinal benefits also. That these benefits are only seen in superior and high-quality rosewater. In addition, in most countries, it has a cosmetic usage and is used as a cleaner of cosmetics. Rosewater has amazing features and we should be thankful that this tonic and useful product has been produced in our dear country and is found abundantly.


1. It is used as a flavors and Freshener to kinds of desserts, sweets and ice cream.
2. Rose and rosewater tea are great sedatives.
3. It is used as a syrup when mixed with water and sugar.


Medical Benefits

1. Rose water is a strong sedative and powerful anti-depressant
2. Rose water is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
3. It eases stomach pain
4. Rose water is effective in skin caring and eliminating pores of the skin
5. Appropriate for eliminating malodor of mouth
6. Effective to relieve headache